You’re a goddess already

Yo it’s Flow, FloYo, Next-Gen temporary body art artist.

Flo Yo, aka Flo, is an innovator creator mixing physical reality with digital overlays celebrating the queens (and kings) who walk on earth.

Move beyond Shame

God is your designer and Revolutionary Artist, Floyo, is Her paintbrush.

You are the canvas.

Flo will channel your beautiful authentic energy giving you artistic beauty leveling up your vibration to LOVE.

No matter what you look like or how imperfect you feel, Floyo will leave you feeling like the divine goddess you are.

body celebration

Celebrate your body

Celebrate your ancestry



Celebrate your body as an earth temple.

Fall deeply in love with your body while participating in our mission to end loneliness.

Share the live experience with your fans in this unique sensory experience merging tech, science, and a new form of art.



incredible experience

I felt empowered being body painted by Floyo. It is a much different experience than getting a regular tattoo.

The body art experience was unique, personalized to my body in the moment.

Something about laying on the table, feeling the paint markers glide on my body made me feel beautiful.

My body was being used as a canvas. A blank canvas to start a beautiful, cool piece of art in the end.


I gained a deeper self knowing

This feels like the beginning of a movement that could disrupt the tattoo industry. This goes way beyond sexuality.

Floyo is thinking about the freedom of expression on a new level. It was such a gift laying in receiving mode and feeling in a state of trust with the universe as I felt caressed by the loving markers.

I didn't want to wash it off my body. I felt so in my natural joy and I was just savoring it and showing all my friends. You're showing people another layer of themselves.

Temporary body art

You’ll witness art as we celebrate your body with temporary physical mixed media art and digital animation.

A revolution of the tattoo industry.


Goddess energy

Become one with your true self as a divine goddess as he gives you the temporary body art you never knew you wanted, in flow state.

You'll feel all the sensations and drop into flow state feeling both incredible and love your sensory experience.

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